new-asmaAloizianika village was established by the inhabitants of a coastal town – situated in Skandia – who left their town when it was destroyed and moved to the top of the hill seeking a ‘new life’ – ‘allou zoi’.

‘Aloizianika 1768’ is situated in ‘Aloizianika’, the village at the highest top of the island, right in the centre of ‘Tsirigo’, only ten minutes from the airport and twenty minutes from the two main ports of the island.

The view from the roof of the guest house is breathtaking, giving out to the  the Peloponese, all the way from Antikithira to Krete, as well as all the villages and coastal towns nearby.

In the 20th century, Kythira was marked by the emigration flow which had started in the 18th century and became stronger in the 19th century, when most Kythirians emigrated to Smyrna in Turkey.

In 1922 approximately 14.000 Kythirians had emigrated in Smyrni where they established thriving businesses, forming the largest group of Greek emigrants in Turkey and leaving their mark on the life and culture of Smyrna.

The Kythirian community was based in ‘Koukloutza’ where they founded their own Greek speaking schools, churches, nursing homes and hospitals, funded by the wealthy Kythirians.

Unfortunately, the Kythirian dispersion was severely affected by the Smyrna massacre of 1922.

The vast majority of the Kythirian emigrants of Smyrna who survived the massacre of 1922 emigrated to Greece, Egypt and Australia.